Name: Scarlett L. Heinbuch

Connection to Fredericksburg region: I grew up in Stafford, graduating from Stafford Senior High in 1978.

I was inspired to write a book: Because in 2005, I had a shared near-death experience while doing energy healing (Reiki) with a dying stranger that changed my life and his. We “met” on the other side and knew we were destined to be together. I was also teaching a class on marriage and family relationships at the local university that dovetailed with the lessons I was learning during the healing journey. Everyone said I should write a book about it, so I did!

Favorite time/place to write: Anytime and anywhere! I get very focused when I’m writing. It’s just me, the keyboard, the page and the words flowing. I like to think I’m stepping back and letting the energy of the words flow on their own.

Future plans as an author: I’m working on my next book about healing helpers from the other side based on my own experience and reports worldwide from others.

What I learned from the writing/publishing process: It’s an intense process, requiring discipline, commitment and persistence to get a book completed. The publishing business requires lots of investigation to make the best decision for yourself and your work.

My advice for those trying to write a book: It took me 13 years to get my book together from the time of the event to the final product, while living life in between. Just keep writing. Take breaks as needed but trust the process. Use the power of your imagination: see the finished book in your hand. And keep holding that image in mind whenever you feel discouraged. Before you know it, you’ll be done. And edit, edit, edit! Hire a professional to edit your work.

About my work

Book title: “Waking Up To Love: Our Shared Near-Death Encounter Brought Miracles, Recovery and Second Chances”

Short plot summay: Scarlett met David for the first time in 2005, when David was on the brink of death. He had been in an unresponsive coma for nearly four weeks, on a ventilator for life support and in complete kidney failure due to a rare form of vasculitis. Scarlett spent 12 days doing energy healing with David. During that time, they had a shared near-death experience resulting in an unexplained medical recovery and an unexpected love story. The story of two people who woke up to a world of love on the other side and were able to bring it back to earth—together—will inspire others to know that the transformative power of healing love exists and can be applied in everyday life.

Publisher: Waterside Press

Publication date: Jan. 20, 2018

Genre: Memoir

Who should read my book? Everyone who wants to know more about the healing power of love, miracles, acceptance and near-death/shared-near death experiences.

You can buy my book: Amazon, B&N, and by order anywhere books are sold.

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