Mickey Mouse. The mouse that started off as Steamboat Willie and launched an empire.

The icon who defines America as much as mom and apple pie.

And now, he’s going to be here. I mean, just up the road. I mean, you can actually see him! The Mouse!

And Minnie Mouse. And Goofy, Mr. Incredible, Simba, Timon, Pumbaa, Aladdin, Mulan, Ariel, Belle, Woody, even Mary Poppins ... the list is long, and magical.

They’ll all be at the EagleBank Arena in Fairfax, starting Oct. 6 for five wonderful days and nights of Disney On Ice.

The show—called “Road Trip Adventures”—is one for all ages: the young, the old and always the young at heart.

“It’s amazing. We get to make so many kids smile while they enjoy seeing all their favorite Disney stories come to life right before their very eyes,” Jakub Safranek, who plays Mr. Incredible, told Weekender. “The show is so much fun, even the adults feel like they’re kids again when they see all the Disney characters from their childhood.”

Even with the physique of a world-class competitive figure skater (which he has been in years gone by), he loves playing the role of a burly, slightly-out-of-shape middle-age superhero.

“It’s always an honor to play any of the characters,” he said. “But this one is extra special as I am one of the only superheroes Disney has, and it’s amazing.”

Still, while he may enjoy the superhero ethos, the Czech skater has played other characters on the ice before. And he loves all of them.

And the sky—er, the ice—is the limit for what characters he might play in future road tours. In other words, like all actors, he knows this role won’t last forever.

“I’ve had the opportunity to portray many roles during my career with Disney On Ice,” he recalls. “Everything from a prince to a villain, and even a lion.”

So what does a 31-year-old world-class figure skater do for fun on a tour that runs until May of next year, hitting nearly every city in the country?

Well, see the sights, of course. And ... watch Disney movies?

Yes. As with so many people—and perhaps it’s a requirement for being in the show—he’s a big fan of Disney movies.

“I have all of them on my external hard drive that I have on tour with me,” he admits.

It does hurt a bit, however, to hear him refer to “The Little Mermaid” and “The Lion King” as “the old-school ones.” These rotten kids. Those of us of a certain age might use that term for films like the original “Jungle Book” or “Mary Poppins.”

Speaking of which, Mary and Jack (not Burt) and his band of merry lamplighters (not chimney sweeps) will be part of the ice action: The show will bring you the world from the rooftops of London.

And it will take you to Motunui with Moana. And on a safari with Pumbaa.

Basically, it’s a whole new world. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

As for Safranek, he’s excited to see the smiles in Virginia. And he hopes that the future cast members will be in the audience, watching and being inspired to skate.

“Chase that dream and with the passion and hard work it takes to be a good skater, you can make it,” he said.

Mr. Incredible seems to be quite an ice fellow, indeed.

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