I’m looking for a meal that I can drop off at a friend’s home in the refrigerator for their return from a week at a family funeral. I was thinking an easily reheatable casserole/soup, prepped salad with a dressing on the side and a dessert. The salad and dessert aren’t too difficult but I am not a casserole fan and am drawing a blank.

Personally, I’d be the most grateful man on earth if someone slipped a thick, homemade lasagna into my refrigerator after a traumatic life event. The dish is comforting, it’s hearty and it reheats better after a day or two.

My problem with lasagna is the ricotta or cottage cheese. I don’t like the taste or texture. If I were to leave it out, how should I adjust a recipe to make up for any change in consistency?

Use a bechamel sauce instead.

I have a gift of lemon curd, and don’t know what to do with it. I do not bake.

Buy things—biscuits, store-bought pound cake—to warm and smear it on. Or make little parfaits with lemon curd, yogurt or whipped cream, berries, granola—or turn it in to a trifle with cubed store-bought cake and a little sweetened booze for soaking.

I have a long narrow scar on my thumb from my OXO zester. Is there a zesting technique that doesn’t endanger one’s skin, or should I just give up and buy one of those Kevlar mesh gloves?

No need to scrub-zest quickly; go slower and save your skin.

—The Washington Post

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