If your family is like mine, lots of meals are made on the grill this time of year ... and I’m not just talking about summertime steaks and burgers.

We roast potatoes and corn on the cob and thick sausages right over the flames. We put a medley of vegetables inside tin-foil boats with seasonings and oils. If we can help it, nothing is made in the kitchen.

Make a delicious shrimp dish with an easy barbecue sauce—grab a beer, take a seat at the picnic table, and your night is made. But after the meal is over yet the grill is still hot, we wonder: What else we can throw on there to embrace the heat and glorious smoke wafting from chunks of hickory and other wood?

Here’s what you do: Make dessert!

Your grill isn’t just for meat and veggies, you know. For a simple dessert that screams “summer” in flavor and simplicity, look no further than fresh pineapple, store-bought pound cake and lightly sweetened whipped cream.

Thick-cut pineapple slices are made for the grill because they’re sturdy enough to go right on top of the hot grates. You needn’t even core them or remove the spiny rind (I’d leave it on just for looks). Just brush them lightly with a mixture of butter and brown sugar, which caramelizes as its cooks and imparts a little sweetness.

Then use the pineapple as a base for grilled pound cake. That’s right, grilled cake—otherwise known as the best toast you’ve ever had. (And a store-bought pound cake works just fine; it’s there to sop of the juices.)

For the topping, whipping heavy cream with a little powdered sugar could suffice, but adding mascarpone cheese—a rich Italian cream cheese that’s not quite as tangy as the American type—gives your whipped cream some heft. It’s not pillowy soft or very sweet, and it lets the tangy and sweet pineapple shine.

So keep the grill working for you even if you’ve charred the hot dogs beyond recognition. Redemption can be sweet.

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