Brothers Osborne has catchy hits called “Rum,” “Weed, Willie and Whiskey” and “Tequila Again.”

So, what’s one liquor we’ll never hear a song about from the chart-topping country duo?

“Fireball,” said guitarist T.J. Osborne. “I am personally such a fan of whiskey, and I don’t want any cinnamon and sugar taking away from that. I don’t want my whiskey tasting like candy.”

There you go, fans.

While you may choose to pregame or consume the fiery nectar at one of the band’s high-energy shows, your Fireball tune pipe dream ain’t happening.

Speaking of shows, Brothers Osborne will headline the After Hours Concerts Series at the Marks & Harrison Amphitheater on July 18. Nashville singer–songwriter Tucker Beathard is slated to open for Brothers Osborne, which has built up quite the following since releasing its first single to the airwaves (“Let’s Go There”) in 2013.

“Our career has been a little different than some,” said Osborne. “One of the cool things has been just how our career has grown over past five years. Every year is unique. We see the cumulative growth of our fan base, returning to cities where our crowds have now doubled or tripled in size. We see that we’re making progress.”

As for a Brothers Osborne 2019 show and how the band has evolved, there will be a few noticeable things missing.

“Looking back, we can’t help but roll our eyes about some of our fashion choices ... that’s always evolving,” laughed Osborne. “Early on, we used to do a lot of cover songs in our set, like Hank Williams Sr., Willie Nelson ... all which we love playing. Now we know our fans are there to hear more of our songs.”

Brothers Osborne has two full-length albums to its name, the gold-certified 2016 “Pawn Shop” and last year’s “Port Saint Joe.” Its biggest hits include “Stay a Little Longer,” “It Ain’t My Fault” and its 2018 collaboration with Dierks Bentley, “Burning Man.” At the core of every Bros. song is a laid-back and cozy twang, reminiscent of where the boys grew up in Deale, Md.

This fall, Brothers Osborne will release its first live album. The LP will be the result of a three-show run earlier this year at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, where the group currently calls home.

“There was a lot of pressure for those shows,” said Osborne. “I think it’s called ‘Red Light Syndrome,’ where everyone is playing great, and then the recording light comes on and freaks everyone out. Our first night [at Ryman] ended up not being recorded, but the second and third nights were. The first night was great, the second night was not, and the third night we lied to the whole band and said we weren’t recording the last night. That third night, we all played our [expletive] off and it was great.”

While the duo may be self-critical, let’s be real: A bad Brothers Osborne night is likely better than most bands’ best. Throughout the years, the group has maintained quite the tour schedule and has dates slated well through November.

Amid the nonstop rock, there’s always time for a little tube time.

“We are big ‘Game of Thrones’ fans, and it didn’t end the way I had anticipated,” said Osborne. “It is what it is. Lately, I’ve been watching a lot of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ and ‘Big Little Lies.’ We all have access to such great television and should be enjoying that, too.”

So, between Brothers Osborne, Hulu and an HBO subscription, your July 18 entertainment schedule is all set.

Jesse Scott is a freelance writer and Fredericksburg native.

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