Two female scam artists, one low rent and the other high class, team up to take down the dirty rotten men who have wronged them. With Anne Hathaway, Rebel Wilson, Tim Blake Nelson. Rated PG-13 on appeal for crude sexual content, language. 94 min. [MC, PV, RF]


In a world where people collect Pokémon to do battle, a boy comes across an intelligent talking Pikachu who wants to be a detective. With the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Justice Smith, Kathryn Newton. Rated PG for action/peril, some rude and suggestive humor, thematic elements. 104 min. [MC, PV, RF]

“POMS” (PG-13)

A comedy about a group of women who form a cheerleading squad at their retirement community, proving that you’re never too old. With Diane Keaton, Jacki Weaver, Pam Grier, Rhea Perlman. Rated PG-13 for language/sexual references. 91 min. [MC, PV, RF]


This film explores the formative years of the orphaned author J.R.R. Tolkien as he finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts at school. With Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins, Colm Meaney. Rated PG-13 for some sequences of war violence. 112 min. [RF]

—Rob Hedelt

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