The following pets are among those available for adoption at area animal shelters:


450 Tv Drive, Fredericksburg. 540/507-7459

Ranger, hound mix, neutered male, 8 years

Roscue, Basset/beagle mix, neutered male, 1 year

Gertrude, Boxer mix, spayed female, 9 years

Kong, Boxer mix, neutered male, 4 years

Hank, beagle/Boxer mix, neutered male, 1 years

Kaiser, pointer mix, neutered male, 7 years

Apollo aka Bubbe, pit bull mix, neutered male, 3 years

Rusty, Lab mix, neutered male, 9 years

Arlan, domestic shorthair, neutered male, 12 years

Popeye, domestic shorthair, neutered male, 8 years



Bri, female, Siberian husky, 1 year, red and white, quiet

Jamey, female, Siberian husky, 1 year, black and white, dramatic

Molina, female, Siberian husky, 5 years, red and white, delightful

Sebastian, male, Siberian husky, 2 years, black and white, Romeo

Ham, male, Siberian husky, 2 years, gray and white

Starita, female, Siberian husky, 5 years old, black and white bi-eyed, sweet

Zempo, shorthair, male, 8 years, orange and white tabby, snuggler

Sonia, shorthair, female, 7 years, brown tabby, sweetheart

Ginny, shorthair, female, 7 years, calico, princess

O’Grady, shorthair, male, 8 years, red and white tabby, fun

Stafford County Animal Shelter: 473 Eskimo Hill Road, Stafford. 540/658-7387

Fredericksburg SPCA: 10819 Courthouse Road, Fredericksburg. 540/898-1500

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