North Carolina is home to the most hurricane-prone stretch of coastline on the Eastern Seaboard, yet no two storms are alike.

Each hurricane comes with a different size, strength, speed and path, so some turn out to be more destructive than others.

Some are only felt at the beaches as they brush past and veer out into the Atlantic Ocean, while others make a direct strike and spread damage hundreds of miles inland.

Most hurricanes generally move from south to north as they pass North Carolina and Virginia, but one may occasionally stall or carve out loops when high pressure blocks the weather pattern.

It's safe to say that the next hurricane – whenever it arrives – won't be an exact replica of one we've seen before.

Here's a look at satellite and radar pictures of the last 21 hurricanes that hit – or came close to hitting – North Carolina's coast.

NOTE: This gallery was originally posted in July 2018, then updated to include Florence.

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