Linda and Bunny

Linda Allard is pictured with Bunny, a blind puppy who was K Kids’ first rescue dog.

K Kids Dachshund Rescue Inc., a grassroots nonprofit based in Virginia, recently announced it has been awarded a grant from the Dr. Jane Foundation.

The $1,125 grant was awarded in July to help K Kids save dachshunds and dachshund mixes that need to be rescued from shelters or surrendering owners. K Kids aims to rescue and rehome dachshunds regardless of age, size, gender, health or most behavior quirks, according to a news release from the organization.

“We are thrilled with this grant and the opportunity it provides us to rescue more dachshunds and to ensure health services for the dachshunds already in our care,” said Krista Welder, founder of K Kids, in the release. “Many of our rescue dachshunds were surrendered or turned in to shelters because they have health conditions that their humans could not afford to treat. We take on those dachshunds and commit to paying their veterinary medical bills, but the cost is often high; it is only through donations and grants from organizations like the Dr. Jane Foundation that we are able to continue with our mission.”

K Kids was launched in July 2018, and a year later has already rescued 44 dachshunds, primarily in Virginia, and adopted out the majority of them, according to the release.

The Dr. Jane Foundation is the nonprofit arm of Life’s Abundance. The foundation awards grants each quarter to animal rescue groups around the country. For more information about the foundation, visit

For more information about K Kids Dachshund Rescue Inc., visit or contact Krista Welder at 540/358-5799 or

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