Spotsylvania Courthouse 100 Lions screen students’ sight and hearing

Spotsylvania County students are starting the new school year with a chance for better sight and hearing.

The Spotsylvania Courthouse 100 Lions Club is providing free testing of eyes and ears at elementary, middle and high schools, and promises to do more, given adequate volunteer help.

“We are looking for new members who want to help,” says club president Gregory Hall. With enough volunteers, “we could go to all the schools in the county.”

More than 24,000 students attend 17 elementary, seven middle and five high schools in the county.

Lions use advanced equipment, including an audiometer for hearing testing and a Spot Vision Screener, a handheld device that enables operators to detect vision issues including myopia (near-sightedness) hyperopia (far-sightedness), gaze asymmetry and astigmatism (blurred vision) in patients from 6 months of age to adulthood.

Lions also provide free eyeglasses for economically disadvantaged clients.

“I love that this group is helping,” says Jacqueline Wahshon, a clinical assistant based at Riverbend High School. It’s amazing.”

The club also tested students at Courtland Elementary School and Chancellor High School.

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