Ninety-four individuals and 23 teams were honored with 22 different Navy and Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division awards at the NSWCDD honor awards ceremony.

Family and friends of awardees watched Commanding Officer Cmdr. Stephen ‘Casey’ Plew, Deputy Technical Director Angela Beach, Dam Neck Activity Commanding Officer Cmdr. Andrew Hoffman, and U.S. Rep. Rob Wittman present the awards at the Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center.

Plew, who took command of NSWCDD 16 days earlier, welcomed the audience to a celebration of the “talent, energy and expertise of our dynamic workforce that really make Dahlgren the leader in warfare systems development and integration.”

The event honored the men and women of the Dahlgren workforce who demonstrated exceptional resolve to meet the command’s mission objectives in addition to those who significantly impacted the community through volunteer service throughout calendar year 2018.

“I want to thank you so much for the fantastic job that you do,” Wittman, the ceremony’s keynote speaker, told NSWCDD employees in the audience. “Every day I’m just amazed at the work that goes on at Dahlgren and the other Warfare Centers. The work that happens at Dahlgren holds great promise for the Navy and our nation to make sure that we have the strategic and tactical advantage over our adversaries at sea.”

The awardees’ families and co-workers were recognized as strategic partners in the accomplishments and professional successes celebrated at the event.

Three employees, Gilbert Goddin, Thomas Kloehn and Mark Bradshaw, were presented with the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award.

Christian Clifford, Lori Buckwalter, Larry Wilkerson, Christina Gruszecki, George Clotfelter, Thomas Wimberly, Melissa Lederer, Steven Anderson and Dawn Dahn were presented with the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Award.

The John Adolphus Dahlgren Award, the command’s highest award, was presented to Jeffrey Kunkler and Brian Seay.

Chief Fire Controlman Nicholas Garcia received the C.J. Rorie Award.

Warrington Tripp, Theresa Gennaro and Jerico Slavin received the Dr. James Colvard Award .

Willis Lacy, Myron Thomas and Eric Rocholl were recognized with the Bernard Smith Award.

The Helen Springer Award was presented to Jonathan Young, Stephen Eckel, Timothy Smith and Kimberly Green.

Arline Parker and Kathrina Urann received the Walter T. Lewis Acquisition Award .

Charles Freeman, Katherine Mulreany, Laura San Filippo, Joshua Rudolph and Ashby Hall were honored with the Leadership Award .

Charles Tatum, Matthew Ketner, Delois Clarke and Brady Roundtree received the Employee Development Award.

Laura Samaroo and Luis Rodriguez received the Commander’s Diversity and Inclusion Award .

Scott Heyman and Steven Dean received the Technology to Warfighter Award .

Terry Foreman, Christopher Lloyd and Elizabet Haro received the Dr. Charles J. Cohen Award of Excellence for Science and Technology.

Gregory Treakle, James Stevens, Joel Mejeur, Joshua Corrado, Mark Hitchcock and Lise Hamilton received the Award of Excellence for Analysis .

Michael Nooner, Paul Roberts, Zachary Mohle, Peter Bryson, Jason Tominack and Anthony Devivi received Award of Excellence for Software Engineering and Integration.

Joseph Sheehan, Matthew Gabriel, Michael Huang, Christopher Talsma, Joseph Pack, Stacy Palivoda–Estes and Steven Kilinski were honored with the Award of Excellence for Systems Engineering and Integration .

Mary Wood, Michael Shea, Daniel Holden, Emily Cummings, Carl Adams, James Yee and Victor De Jesus received the Award of Excellence for Test & Evaluation.

Robert Parker, Mara Gentili, Paula Harrison, Kimberly Curtin, Matthew Patrick, Mirenda Robertson, Glyndon Murphy, John Lee, Kevin Fernandes, Shelby Khan, Sherry Fronkier, Mark Treutle, Erin Swartz and Teresa Brown received the Paul J. Martini Award.

Janna Roland, Sue Limerick, Feline Agwumezie, Tammy Indseth and Chelsey Lawson received the Distinguished Community Service Award .

Joseph Hunt and Michael Lowry received the In-house Laboratory Independent Research Excellence Award.

Scott Spence, David Griffiths, Terry Foreman and Gerhard Thielman received the Patent Award.

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