Purrs & Whiskers celebrates 500th adoption

Purrs & Whiskers executive board Members Cathie McCall (left) and Karen and Mike Fassler (right) celebrate the organization’s 500th cat adoption with Kimberleigh Crissy and Nicholas Bridge.

On May 2, Purrs & Whiskers, a nonprofit 501(c) organization, celebrated the adoption of its 500th feline. The lucky gray tabby, Lilliput, was adopted by Kimberleigh Crissy and Nicholas Bridge. To celebrate the milestone, executive board members Cathie McCall, and Karen and Mike Fasser presented the new “purrents” with a gift kitty carrier complete with a cat bed, catnip kicker sticks, toys and a host of other preferred products recommended by the rescue.

Purrs & Whiskers, a home-based foster organization established in November 2015, helps find homes for friendly cats and kittens. To date, the rescue has taken in over 766 cats. A total of 500 have been socialized and placed into loving homes, another 117 have either been reunited with their owners or are in the foster program. The remaining 149 were feral and have been trapped, neutered or spayed, vaccinated and returned to their caretakers to help stop breeding and diminish the feral cat population.

Any cats or kittens that have adoption potential are placed with fosters to help care for and socialize them in their homes. Once the cat/kitten is ready for adoption, the organization works with local shelters, Adopt-A-Pet.com, Petfinders.com, homeowners and PetSmart to help relocate and find their forever homes. To learn more or to volunteer, visit purrsandwhiskers.org or Purrs & Whiskers Inc. on Facebook.

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