SHINE! check presentation to Girl Smarts

Serena Singh, left, and Priya Singh, right, of SHINE! present a $1,000 check to Dianna Flett, the CEO of Girl Smarts.

Priya Singh, a senior at Mountain View High School, started an organization called SHINE! as a way to give back to her community. The organization’s first project was to raise funds for a program dear to her heart. In elementary school, Singh participated in a program called Girl Smarts. Here, she learned the skills and strengths needed for middle school, high school and beyond. Girl Smarts helps young girls build self-esteem and confidence, as well as to speak out against bullying. Many girls now, however, are unable to participate in this program, so she started a fundraiser for scholarships for low income students in Stafford County to participate in Girl Smarts. After two booth sales and donations from small businesses, SHINE! raised $1,000 to sponsor 25 girls’ participation. Singh plans to pass leadership of the organization to her younger sister, Serena, who will choose another project to help benefit the community.

Serena Singh (left) and Priya Singh (right) present a $1,000 check to Dianna Flett, the CEO of Girl Smarts.

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