Hanover-with-Brunswick Episcopal Parish will observe the feast of St. Francis on Sunday with a Blessing of Animals at historic Lamb’s Creek Church in King George County, during the 10 a.m. service of Holy Eucharist. The Rev. Richard E. Fichter Jr., rector of Hanover-with-Brunswick Parish, will be the celebrant.

All critters and their owners, as well as visitors, are welcome. Cats should be in carriers and dogs on leashes, and all animals appropriately controlled. At the service, offerings will be collected to support animal welfare in King George.

Suggested items: Purina One dry cat food, Purina Dry kitten chow, Friskies or Fancy Feast canned cat food (pâté style), Pedigree dog food (canned or dry), Pill Pockets, Temptation cat treats, gently used dog and cat beds, towels, washcloths, comforters, blankets, Yesterday’s News cat litter, Stretch & Scratch cat scratchers, Martingale dog collars (size medium, 1- to 2-inches wide), dog leashes, dog/cat carriers and Walmart or Petco gift cards.

Refreshments for pets and their owners/handlers will be offered on the church grounds after the service.

Lamb’s Creek Church, currently inactive except for special events and services, is located on Route 694 (Lamb’s Creek Church Road) off Virginia Route 3 east of King George Courthouse. The church was built about 1770 and is currently under the stewardship of Hanover-with-Brunswick Parish. The church suffered from disuse and neglect after the American Revolution but was later refurbished, and services were held there regularly until St. John’s was built at King George Courthouse in 1843. During the Civil War, Lamb’s Creek was used as a stable by the Union cavalry.

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