As you take the time to consider whether or not an auction firm is the right one for you, please read these guidelines to help in your decision making. A quality auction firm:

  • Should have extensive auction experience in the local and national marketplace along with significant expertise and product knowledge.
  • Should be dedicated to the profession as evidenced by the completion of advanced coursework and earning continuing educations credits.
  • Should have developed an extensive client base and significant marketing outreach.
  • Should integrate technology and systems into their business activity and practices.
  • Can provide a customized written Marketing Plan that assures results oriented performance and value added service.
  • Can share references and testimonials from past clients and customers verifying a track record of service satisfaction.
  • Should have a reputation for integrity, honesty and fairness.
  • Should have demonstrated a full time commitment to the auction profession and associated fields.
  • Can assemble, activate and coordinate event resources including staging, staff, equipment, record systems and accounting.
  • Will candidly and professionally communicate today‚Äôs market realities and provide a full return on investment.
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