A Caroline County man who fired a gun toward a group of people in a Fredericksburg neighborhood earlier this year has been ordered to serve 18 months in prison, court records show.

Letonto Bernard Fox, 20, of Bowling Green pleaded guilty in Fredericksburg Circuit Court last week to a felony charge of unlawfully shooting from a vehicle. He was sentenced to a total of five years in prison, with all but 18 months suspended.

In exchange for the plea, prosecutor Kevin Gross dropped four other charges against Fox.

According to the evidence, a small group of people were hanging out in Mayfield on Feb. 17 when Fox drove up in a vehicle. Fox had a longstanding dispute with one of the victims, Gross said.

At some point during the Feb. 17 incident, Fox fired a shot from the vehicle. Someone in the group returned fire, but no one was injured.

Gross said two witnesses initially identified Fox, known as “Beanie,” to the police and said they saw him fire his gun. One of the witnesses later said he didn’t know who the shooter was and the other said he didn’t actually see Fox fire the gun.

Gross said that when police caught up with Fox in Bowling Green following the incident, he claimed he’d been in Bowling Green all day. But police found a receipt for ammunition purchased in Fredericksburg that day in his vehicle and gunshot residue on his hands, Gross said.

Fox was arrested again the next day after being accused of returning to Mayfield shortly after bonding out of jail and threatening one of the men involved in the prior day’s dispute. All charges associated with the alleged second incident were dropped at a preliminary hearing last month.

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