A bedridden patient testified Friday that she was sexually assaulted repeatedly for six months at a nursing home in Caroline County before she finally told someone what was going on.

The nurse she identified as her attacker, 58-year-old Gene Paul Brown of Fredericksburg, is charged with abduction with the intent to defile, rape, forcible sodomy and object sexual penetration. Judge Robert Reibach sent all four charges to a grand jury following a preliminary Friday in Caroline General District Court.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Kelly Grace Green, an investigation began in March after the 72-year-old victim reported what Brown had allegedly been doing to her at the Bowling Green Health & Rehabilitation Center.

The woman, whose son held her hand as she testified from a hospital bed that had been brought into the courtroom, said she had known Brown for several years. She said she frequently talked with him about sports and other everyday matters.

"He was my friend and that's what I wanted him to be," said the woman, who cannot walk and has myriad medical issues.

Sometime in September of last year, the woman testified, Brown transformed from being her friend into her abuser. She described in detail the numerous times she said Brown had sexual intercourse with her and performed other sex acts on her.

She quoted Brown as saying such things as "nobody can have you but me" and "I can't get enough of you," and said his attacks often left her in pain.

"Now I hate him," she said. "He has ruined my life."

Defense attorney Erin Ranney questioned the woman's credibility and argued that there are inconsistencies in her story. Ranney also questioned how a woman who said she "doesn't take anything sitting down" could have allowed herself to be sexually abused for months without saying anything.

The judge said he found the woman credible and certified the charges against Brown.

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