A man who was recently ordered to serve 14 years in prison for raping his estranged wife has picked up an additional 13 felony charges for allegedly writing threatening letters from jail to three people involved in his prosecution, court records show.

Deandre Johnson, 25, of Ridgeley, W.Va., was convicted in Spotsylvania County Circuit Court in June of charges that included rape, strangulation and domestic assault. A jury recommended a 14-year prison sentence, and Judge Ricardo Rigual imposed the sentence in November.

Johnson has been in the Rappahannock Regional Jail since his arrest in December 2018, after he found the woman with her new boyfriend at a home in Spotsylvania.

On Feb. 3, a Stafford County grand jury indicted Johnson on nine felony counts of communicating threats and four felony counts of violating a protective order (third or subsequent offense). The charges were filed in Stafford because the jail is in the county.

Court records show that the alleged threats were made between May of last year and Jan. 2. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

Stafford prosecutor Ed Lustig said the targets of the threatening letters were Judge Rigual, Spotsylvania prosecutor Amanda Sweeney and the rape victim. Lustig declined to discuss the details of the threats.

Johnson, who represented himself during his Spotsylvania trial, had a major outburst in court during his Spotsylvania sentencing after Rigual denied his request for a new trial. He was hauled out of the courtroom by bailiffs and witnessed the remainder of the hearing through a window in a room adjacent to the courtroom.

The proceedings were also interrupted by the victim's mother, who stood up in Johnson's defense and said, "He didn't rape my daughter." The victim broke down crying after hearing what her mother said.

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