A naked Alexandria man was taken into custody Wednesday evening after a bizarre incident in which he is accused of breaking into a random Caroline County home and wrestling a handgun away from the resident, authorities said.

The homeowner and his wife got out of the house safely and no one was injured, though authorities said a shot was fired into the home at some point when no one was inside.

Caroline Sheriff’s Maj. Scott Moser said that at 6:08 p.m., a man driving a BMW with Pennsylvania tags pulled into a driveway on Ladysmith Road. He then walked up to the door, forced his way into the home and confronted the residents, saying he was looking for a phone charger.

Moser said that after the suspect refused to leave, the man and his wife went out the back door. The husband returned a few moments later after remembering that he’d left a gun inside.

After the resident retrieved the gun, Moser said, the intruder assaulted him and eventually wrestled the gun away from him. The man ran out of his home a second time, this time joining his wife safely in the woods.

Caroline deputies showed up less than 10 minutes later, Moser said. The suspect came to the front door still holding the handgun and refused to give himself up as directed by the officers.

Deputies had the home surrounded as the man walked away from the door. He later returned to the door with no gun and wearing no clothes, Moser said. He was taken into custody at that point.

Moser said the preliminary investigation shows that during the brief time between wrestling the gun from the resident and the arrival of police, the suspect returned to his car and fired a shot through his own closed passenger’s side window into the vacated residence.

Edward William Cole, 32, was charged with breaking and entering, attempted malicious wounding, assault and battery and larceny of a firearm. He was taken to Pamunkey Regional Jail.

Moser said deputies mwere pleased that they were able to resolve the situation without having to fire any shots.

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