A trial for a man accused of killing his sister and stabbing his pregnant girlfriend in Fredericksburg in 2018 has been delayed indefinitely because of ongoing questions about the suspect’s mental state.

Daniel Alfredo Martinez–Nolasco, 21, is charged with first-degree murder, malicious wounding and attempted murder in connection with a Dec. 10, 2018, incident at a home in the 200 block of Ivanhoe Court.

His sister, Maria D. Martinez–Nolasco, 25, died after being stabbed multiple times in the kitchen. Maria E. Machado Ventura, 24, was stabbed after she responded to screams from the kitchen, court records show. She was pregnant with Daniel Martinez–Nolasco’s child at the time.

Martinez–Nolasco was arrested near the home shortly after the attack. Police say he was covered in blood at the time. It remains unclear what spurred the violent attack.

He was in Fredericksburg Circuit Court on Tuesday with his attorney, Alan Polsky, who argued for his client to be declared incompetent to stand trial. Polsky was able to overcome the testimony of two psychologists, one who has declared Martinez–Nolasco competent and another who opined that he is faking.

Martinez–Nolasco certainly appeared confused on the witness stand Tuesday. Answering questions with the assistance of a Spanish interpreter, he was unable to state his date of birth or country of origin.

He also claimed to not know where he was Tuesday and said he did not know that his sister was dead. He mentioned hearing voices in his head.

Judge Gordon Willis said he had concerns about Martinez–Nolasco’s competence and ordered further mental-health evaluations. The case is scheduled to be reviewed again May 19.

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