A Navy corpsman accused of brutally raping a King George woman in her home last week was denied bond following a hearing Wednesday in King George General District Court.

Andrew Hoffman Black, 38, is charged with rape, sodomy and burglary. His attorney, Alan Polsky, tried to convince Judge V. James Ventura to grant a bond, pointing out that Black has no criminal record and claiming he is not a flight risk.

But Ventura quickly denied the request after hearing prosecutor Mike Murphy say that in addition to sexually assaulting the woman, Black also dragged her down a hallway by her hair and bashed her head into a wall.

Blood was later recovered in the woman’s home and on Black’s shirt, according to the evidence.

According to the prosecutor, the victim was at work the night of April 30 when she met Black through a mutual acquaintance. She later got a ride from Black to a bar in Fairview Beach, where they both had a couple of drinks.

Black, who is married and works in the clinic on the Dahlgren base, later offered to give the woman a ride home and she accepted. Murphy said that as far as the woman was concerned, there was nothing romantic about the evening.

Shortly after being dropped off, the woman heard her door open. She then saw Black, who had not been invited in, standing in her hallway, prosecutors said.

Murphy said he then attacked the woman, dragged her to a bedroom and sexually assaulted her.

Police were notified about the incident the next day after the woman showed up at Mary Washington Hospital for treatment. Black was arrested May 2 and has been in the Rappahannock Regional Jail ever since.

A preliminary hearing for Black is scheduled for June 19.

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