A Fredericksburg man has been accused of sexually assaulting younger women during drinking parties at his downtown area home.

Larry Ray Owens, 59, is charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery, forcible sodomy and possession of a Schedule IV drug. He was directly indicted by a city grand jury last week.

City police spokeswoman Sarah Kirkpatrick said the charges involve four different victims.

According to Kirkpatrick, an investigation headed by Detective Gloria Mejia started in December after a young woman referred to in court papers as “V1” reported an incident that took place in June last year.

In an affidavit for a search warrant filed in Fredericksburg Circuit Court, Mejia wrote that V1 and a friend referred to as “F1” had been drinking one night in late June at TGI Fridays. After leaving the restaurant, the women, both in their 20s, went to Owens’ home on Wolfe Street to continue drinking.

V1 recalled having three shots of liquor that she poured herself, then drinking a mixed drink that Owens prepared.

About 20 minutes after drinking the mixed drink, Mejia wrote, V1 began feeling light-headed and decided to go to sleep in a downstairs bedroom. She recalled “slightly” waking up at one point with Owens on one side of her and F1 on the other.

The women said she woke up again and found her pajama bottoms and underwear off and Owens performing a sex act on her. She said she passed out again and awoke later to find Owens standing over her engaged in a sexual act.

She said she pushed Owens aside and went to look for her friend, who by this time was upstairs. After telling her friend what had happened, the two women went to sleep together and were still upstairs when Owens left for work the next morning.

A considerable number of weeks passed, but V1 eventually told her mother and her manager at work about what happened. They convinced her to go to the police.

Mejia wrote in the affidavit that she later interviewed F1, who said Owens and the woman were only kissing when she left the bedroom that night. According to the affidavit, F1 denied ever being assaulted at the home, but said she had heard of similar claims against Owens that weren’t reported to police.

Among the several incidents listed in the affidavit regarding police involvement at Owens’ residence was one on March 20, 2017. Police went to Spotsylvania Regional Hospital, where a woman reported that she believed she was sexually assaulted by Owens.

It was not clear in court records if that case ever resulted in criminal charges.

Among the items seized from Owens’ home were unlabeled bottles of pills, women’s panties and multiple laptops, phones, cameras and related accessories.

Kirkpatrick said police believe there are other victims and urged them to call city police at 540/373-3122.

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