The Virginia Division of Capitol Police on Tuesday obtained warrants charging a man with several obscenity-related counts alleging that he transmitted obscene images to staff members of the Virginia General Assembly.

Erik A. Johansson, 50, is named in warrants charging him with one count each of producing/possessing obscene material and using a computer to commit a certain obscenity offense, the Capitol Police said in a news release. Each charge is a misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine.

The warrants, issued in Richmond General District Court, are the result of Johansson sending emails to staff members of several Virginia senators in December 2018, the Capitol Police said. The emails contained photos of male genitalia.

“We have literally thousands of state employees working in and around Capitol Square daily and doing so in a professional manner, and they deserve to know they can carry out their duties without being subjected to this kind of criminal conduct,” said Col. Anthony S. Pike, chief of the Capitol Police. “It is intimidating, it is unwarranted and it will not be tolerated.”

Johansson’s last known address in Tucson, Ariz. Anyone with information on his whereabouts can call the Capitol Police Communications Center at 804/786-2120 and ask to speak with the investigator on duty.

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