A Stafford County man admitted Friday that he molested a child under the age of 13 multiple times.

Elio Francisco Quiles, 56, pleaded guilty in Stafford Circuit Court to aggravated sexual battery and object sexual penetration. In exchange for his guilty pleas, prosecutor Ryan Frank dropped eight other charges. Quiles will be sentenced Sept. 11.

According to the evidence, Quiles had a relationship with the girl’s family. At some point during the child’s preteen years, he began regularly touching the child improperly and using sex toys on her.

The child finally told her mother what was going on and the Sheriff’s Office was called. Quiles was arrested in October.

After learning that his actions had been reported to the police, Frank said, Quiles overdosed on a large amount of insulin. He was rushed to a hospital and revived.

Among the evidence presented by Frank was a text message Quiles sent to the girl’s mother in which he said he was sorry and “I wasn’t always the monster I am now.”

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