A man who sexually molested an autistic child last year in Spotsylvania County was ordered Tuesday to serve 11 years in prison.

Quinton Daniel Washington, 20, was sentenced by Judge Joseph Ellis in Spotsylvania Circuit Court to a total of 40 years, with 29 years suspended.

Washington was convicted in March of aggravated sexual battery, attempted rape and two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer. Charges of object sexual penetration and indecent liberties were dropped.

According to the evidence presented by prosecutor Amanda Sweeney, the attack took place on Oct. 3 at the 11-year-old victim’s home in Spotsylvania. Washington was a close friend of one of the victim’s relatives and spent a lot of time at the home.

The girl reported that she woke up early that morning with Washington on top of her. She said his breath was “stinky” and that she held her nose.

Washington, who was highly intoxicated, touched the child all over her body and tried to put his hand down her pants. He offered her a drink that she declined and was saying things such as “I love you, baby, stay right here, baby,” court records state.

After leaving the room briefly, supposedly to see if anyone else was awake, Washington returned to the room naked and closed the door. The child said she was “disgusted” and told Washington to put his clothes back on, but he continued the attack and threatened to hurt the girl’s family if she told anyone.

Washington was sleeping on a couch when deputies arrived later that day. The girl was standing at the front door with her father and was visibly shaking, court records state.

She was overheard telling her father, “He hurt me, daddy. Don’t let him hurt me again.”

The defendant broke away from police during his arrest, but was quickly apprehended by Deputy W. Schroeder. Washington continued to struggle to get away from the deputy and kicked him in the private area.

He later tried to kick Deputy T. Fredericksen in the groin, but Fredericksen managed to block the kick away from its intended target.

Court records show that Washington continued to act out at the magistrate’s office, cursing at the magistrate.

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