A Stafford County man who manipulated two girls into sending him nude pictures will face a mandatory minimum of five years in prison when he is sentenced in August.

Dustin C. Gonzales Villagomez, 29, was convicted Monday in Stafford Circuit Court of two counts of reproducing child pornography, carnal knowledge of a chid and indecent liberties. He will be sentenced Aug. 22.

According to court records and evidence presented by prosecutor Ryan Frank, the Stafford Sheriff's Office began an investigation into a reported sexual assault in May last year.

The first victim, who was 13 at the time, told an interviewer at a Child Advocacy Center that she had been sending nude pictures of herself to Gonzales Villagomez for about two years. Gonzales Villagomez had a connection with an older relative of the child.

The girl reported that whenever she told Gonzales Villagomez that she didn't want to send any more pictures, he threatened to distribute the pictures he already had.

The girl also said that she'd been sexually assaulted twice by Gonzales Villagomez at a home in southern Stafford.

Police found evidence on Gonzales Villagomez's electronic devices that supported the girl's allegations. They also found evidence implicating the suspect in connection with another girl, the first victim's cousin who is about the same age.

In accepting a plea agreement Monday, Gonzales Villagomez admitted to the child pornography allegations. But he denied physically touching either of the two victims.

A jury trial was scheduled for Monday, but Gonzales Villagomez decided to accept a plea deal after being allowed to view the evidence that would have been presented against him.

Frank said he agreed to Gonzales' request and the plea agreement primarily to prevent the victims from having to testify in open court. He said the first victim was especially anxious about having to talk about what had happened to her.

Gonzales Villagomez has been in the Rappahannock Regional Jail since his arrest in early June last year.

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