A Manassas man was ordered Friday to serve 30 years in prison for brutally beating his child’s mother last year at a Stafford County apartment.

Ranardo J. Cobb, 34, was convicted in Stafford Circuit Court in October of malicious wounding, strangulation and two felony counts of domestic assault. Judge Charles Sharp Friday upheld the 30-year prison term that had been suggested by a jury.

According to evidence presented by prosecutor Jennifer Lindsey, Cobb and the woman were at a party on Feb. 10 last year when they got into a dispute because Cobb felt the woman wasn’t giving him enough attention.

The woman was followed by Cobb to her apartment in Garrison Woods in North Stafford. The woman had been beaten by Cobb in the past and was expecting more violence, so she picked up a knife to defend herself. Cobb took the knife from her, dragged her into another room and strangled her.

Lindsey said the woman eventually ran out of the home, followed by Cobb. She ran to a security guard and asked for help, and the guard ordered Cobb to leave the premises.

After spending a couple of hours at a friend’s house, according to the evidence, the woman returned home. Cobb had come back into the complex and was waiting for her when she arrived.

He was even more irate because he mistakenly thought the woman had called the police. During the ensuing attack, he knocked out several of her teeth, blackened her eyes and strangled the woman again. When she later showed up at a friend’s home, her face was extremely swollen, she was spitting up blood and she had numerous marks on her face and body.

“It was one of the more brutal beatings that we’ve seen,” Lindsey said. “That poor woman is so lucky to be alive.”

The woman’s friend called 911 and the woman was taken to a hospital to be treated for her injuries. The woman did not want her friend to call the police, Lindsey said, but the friend said she was tired of the abuse the woman had been suffering.

Defense attorney Josh Parrett asked Sharp Friday to suspend some of the jury’s sentence. He pointed out that the victim had expressed a desire for leniency and pointed out that the maximum sentence called for in the recommended state sentencing guidelines was just under six years.

Lindsey argued that the jury verdict should be upheld and said she had requested an even longer sentence from the jury.

Cobb showed little remorse Friday, at one point calling the victim “crazy.” He previously claimed he had merely defended himself from the woman’s attempted knife attack.

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