The sentencing for convicted murderer Lisa Schulken Bartosch has been delayed until June 9.

Bartosch, 54, was convicted of first-degree murder in September for killing her husband, Scott “Chip” Bartosch, in May 2017.

Chip Bartosch died on May 29, 2017, as the result of being set on fire by his wife 28 days earlier.

Lisa Bartosch’s former attorney, Terence Patton, worked out a deal with prosecutors that called for her to serve between 20 and 35 years in prison.

But a few days before Bartosch’s scheduled Dec. 16 sentencing, Alexandria attorney John Kiyonaga showed up and announced he was taking over the case. The sentencing was postponed until Monday.

In the meantime, Kiyonaga filed a motion asking, among other things, that prosecutors Lori DiGiosia and Amy Casey be sanctioned by Judge Michael Levy and removed from the Bartosch case.

Kiyonaga claimed that the prosecutors had withheld exculpatory evidence from Patton and that they had improperly interfered with Bartosch’s decision to change attorneys.

Kiyonaga said again Monday that Bartosch’s mental health issues were not property vetted and has indicated that he may seek to have her guilty plea withdrawn pending the results of ongoing psychiatric testing.

DiGiosia and Casey filed a lengthy response to Kiyonaga’s claims, saying his allegations had no merit and that they had done nothing improper. They have also filed a bar complaint against Kiyonaga.

Before setting the June sentencing date for Bartosch, Levy on Monday listened to arguments between the attorneys and declined to sanction the prosecutors or remove them from the case.

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