The case against a man who picked a bizarre fight with a stranger in a Stafford County 7-Eleven earlier this month came to a sudden resolution Tuesday in Stafford General District Court.

Eric E. Dunlap, 46, of Stafford was ordered to serve 10 days in jail as the result of a sequence of events Feb. 2 that began when he entered the store at 327 Deacon Road and began yelling at a man for no apparent reason. He then stomped on the man’s foot before both men drove off in separate vehicles.

Police said Dunlap followed the man home and repeatedly drove by his home. He then followed the man back to the 7-Eleven and police were called.

Dunlap was charged with multiple offenses and placed in the Rappahannock Regional Jail. He was wearing ballistic body armor and had firearms in plain view when he was removed from his vehicle.

Dunlap was in court Tuesday for a bond hearing, but prosecutor Ryan Fitzgerald and defense attorney Jonathan David instead worked out a deal in which Dunlap pled guilty to DUI, assault and disorderly conduct. He has already served the 10 days in jail.

Fitzgerald said Dunlap was also ordered to complete an alcohol safety program and to forfeit the body armor, ammunition and weapons he had in his possession that day.

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