A Stafford County family and a wayward teenager got rude awakenings early Thursday morning.

Shortly after 1 a.m., the sleeping homeowners were awakended by a teenage boy knocking on the front door and yelling to be let in, Stafford Sheriff’s spokeswoman Amanda Vicinanzo said in a news release.

The homeowners did not know the teenager, so they opened a window and told him to leave. But the teenager continued kicking the door as well as a window.

One of the homeowners grabbed a gun and fired a shot into the ground, to no avail. The teenager continued kicking the window until it broke, allowing him to climb into the basement of the home on Pierce Court.

The family—a couple and their baby—barricaded themselves in the bedroom by blocking the door with furniture.

Deputies soon surrounded the house and got the family out safely.

They then found the teenager sleeping on the living room couch, naked and wrapped in a blanket, Vicinanzo said.

Deputies released the 16-year-old boy to his parents, who live near the home the teen broke into, Vicinanzo said.

She said the boy is expected to be charged with unlawful entry, underage alcohol possession and vandalism.

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