Three members of a Spotsylvania County family were found dead in their home Saturday, the victims of what police believe was a double murder/suicide.

Sheriff’s Lt. C.A. Carey said deputies went to the 7900 block of Waterford Drive about 3:30 p.m. in response to a neighbor’s request to check the welfare of the residents.

Carey said the neighbor had seen the family dog running around the neighborhood unattended, which was unusual. When the neighbor took the dog back to its home, he noticed that the door was wide open. He then called the county emergency communications center instead of going into the house.

Carey said deputies called out to the residents several times before noticing someone in the house slumped over in a chair. Police then entered the home and found 38-year-old Meghan Scully dead from a gunshot wound.

In the same general area of the home were Meghan Scully’s parents, Mary Scully, 68, and Robert Scully, 69. They also were dead from gunshot wounds. The three victims were the only human occupants of the home, police said.

A gun believed to have been used in all three slayings was recovered at the scene. Carey said he was not prepared to say which victim is suspected of killing the other two, though he acknowledged that police have a strong idea. The motive for the slayings remains unclear and is under investigation.

It was also unclear when the slayings took place, though Carey said police believe they occurred within 24 hours of the deputies’ arrival at the home. He said police did not immediately release information about the slayings because it took a while to find the victims’ relatives.

The bodies were taken to the medical examiner’s office in Richmond for further evaluation, police said.

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