Linda and Joe Daniels Germanna Monte Carlo 2016 (copy)

Joe and Linda Daniel have issued a $100,000 challenge to raise funds for Germanna students struggling financially.

By Culpeper Star–Exponent

Students who want to attend college but don’t have the money have hope through a program at Germanna Community College.

Culpeper contributors Joe and Linda Daniel recently announced a $100,000 challenge matching grant to help raise money for that program—called the Germanna Guarantee Scholarships.

“Germanna has been an important part of my life for over 30 years,” Joe Daniel said in a news release. “It’s an important community resource, giving students an affordable opportunity to improve their lives.”

Daniel has been involved with the GCC Educational Foundation since the 1980s. In 1962, after struggling at what was then East Carolina College, Daniel began attending a U.Va. extension school in Madison County—the equivalent of today’s community college—serving as a bridge for Daniel to the McIntyre School of Commerce at U.Va., which in turn prepared him for his many years of success in business as president of real estate development company Jefferson Homebuilders, Inc.

“We are helping our neighbors when we help Germanna,” Daniel said. “The money stays at home with people who are a part of our lives and our future. [It is] an investment in our community and its future. People are our most important resource.”

Created in 1992, the Germanna Guarantee Scholarship doesn’t focus on top grades. Rather, it is designed to give students who have the potential to succeed and who require additional financial support the opportunity to pursue and achieve their educational goals.

The program complements federal and state financial aid and is often awarded after these forms of financial aid have been applied. It has been used to assist students who are short on funds to start or continue college at Germanna and to help those who have been struck by misfortune during college avoid dropping out.

Funding for the program has come primarily from the Scholarship Monte Carlo event held each April at the Daniel Technology Center in Culpeper. This year’s event will be held there April 27.

In 2018, a record $300,000 was raised, helping 292 students attend GCC over the past year. In observance of the 25th anniversary of the Monte Carlo event, the fundraising goal this year has been raised to $500,000.

“To reach this needed goal, a lot of new sponsors of the Germanna Guarantee Program will be needed,” said Daniel. “To encourage sponsors to join us, Linda and I will match up to $100,000 from first-time sponsors.”

He added that he expects $300,000 from prior sponsors, $100,000 from new sponsors, and that, with the challenge match of $100,000, the goal of $500,000 will be reached.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to Joe and Linda for this and everything else they do to make our community a better place to live,” Germanna President Janet Gullickson said in a news release. “Their challenge match will double the amount anyone donates to support the Germanna Guarantee Program, whether it be $5 or $5,000. I like to say it doesn’t take much to change a student’s life at Germanna and in this case, that’s doubly true.”

For more information, visit, email, or call 540/423-9060.

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