A Stafford County teenager told a jury Tuesday that Caine “CJ” Davis was the person who shot two people outside a North Stafford convenience store late July 3.

Davis, who will turn 18 later this month, is on trial this week in Stafford Circuit Court for first-degree murder and other charges in the fatal shooting of 20-year-old Troy Barnett and the near-fatal shooting of Barnett’s girlfriend, Laura G. Gomez–De La Cruz. The victims were shot in the head outside the 5 Twelve store on Garrisonville Road in North Stafford.

Christopher Walters, 16, a codefendant in the case, was the key witness put on by prosecutors Ryan Frank and Jay Chichester on the second day of the trial. Walters has already pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact of murder.

Walters told the jurors that Davis told him about his intention to kill Barnett the day before the slaying, but Walters said he didn’t believe Davis was serious. On the night of the slaying, Walters said the third codefendant, 17-year-old Rustam Fardin, picked up him and Davis and drove to the area of the McDonald’s near North Stafford High School.

According to evidence presented, the teens knew Barnett would be in that area.

Walters said he and Fardin were parked across the street from the 5 Twelve store when they heard gunshots and saw Davis fleeing the scene. They intended to pick up Davis, Walters said, but couldn’t find him.

The next day, Walters said, Davis admitted killing Barnett and shooting Gomez–De La Cruz. Walters said Davis expressed some regret about shooting the young woman, but said he thought she was attacking him.

Walters also told police that the murder weapon, a .38-caliber gun, had been thrown into Abel Lake. Divers later found the weapon.

Defense attorney Jim Ilijevich attacked Walters’ credibility, saying he has told varying stories and initially denied any knowledge of the crime.

Prosecution evidence presented Monday indicated that Davis and Fardin had robbed Barnett a few days before his death during a planned drug transaction. Witnesses said Davis then got angry after Barnett made some unflattering comments on social media.

A teenage girl testified Monday that she was directed to contact Barnett July 3 to arrange the purchase of some Xanax. The girl said she was told that Barnett was no longer selling to men and the suspects wanted the pills.

The girl was in Maryland the entire night, but the three teen codefendants showed up for the altercation that resulted in the double shooting.

The jury Tuesday saw an hour-long taped interview with Davis conducted by Detective Kurt McBride. McBride repeatedly tried to get Davis to admit to his role in the incident, but Davis kept insisting he was not involved.

During the interview, Davis named another person he would have killed “if I was going to do some crazy [expletive]. I wouldn’t waste it on a fat, white boy.”

He admitted being involved in the drug trade and being in the area that night, but said he only came near the crime scene after seeing so many police officers flood the area.

“I’m in handcuffs because someone said I did something that I didn’t do,” Davis told the detective. “No matter what I tell you, you still think I did that [expletive].”

Gomez–De La Cruz is expected to testify Wednesday. Prosecutors say they expect to wrap up their case by early afternoon.

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