WE HEAR a lot about animal cruelty these days, and rightly so. We don’t take the mistreatment of nature’s creatures lightly.

Well, in most cases we don’t. But there are exceptions, instances where we allow animals to be mistreated in the worst kind of way. We see the tragedy, but instead of crying out, we just turn our heads and look the other way.

Take, for instance, the cult that delights in torturing and suffocating animals. That’s right. There are people who delight in depriving God’s creatures of oxygen and just allowing them to die.

But the eventual suffocation is perhaps the least cruel of the torture this cult puts innocent animals through. Some of the pain inflicted is beyond belief.

Sometimes members of the cult run sharp pieces of mental through the backs of these poor helpless creatures. Then they attach them to lines and fling them long distances through the air.

Can you imagine being thrown long distances through the air with a sharp piece of metal in your back? What pain these little animals must go through when they eventually come down at the end of that line.

And the perpetrators may do this a dozen times, tossing the animals long distances and then pulling on the line to bring them back so that they can be tossed again and again until they are finally dead.

Cruelty? Without question it is cruelty! But nobody seems to care. The practice goes on and on.

Larger animals are often dragged around, sometimes for hours, with sharp pieces of metal imbedded in their mouths. The pain must be unbearable as the poor creatures fight for their lives.

Then these poor animals are suffocated, gasping for oxygen as cult members look on. How cruel is that?

Occasionally, however, the suffocation in not allowed to go all the way. Sometimes, when the animals are very close to the point of death, the sharp instruments are pulled from their mouths and the creatures are released so that they can be caught and tortured again at some later time.

How can anyone allow such cruelty to happen? Why do no animals rights activists step in and stop it? Does no one care?

It is not as if all this goes on behind closed doors or away from the public eye. Most of this extreme cruelty takes place in broad daylight, with the public watching.

Sometimes even government officials and law enforcement officers are part of this cult. And no one says a word.

Stabbing defenseless animals with sharp pieces of metal; dragging them around on the ends of wires; suffocating them in public view. It happens and no one lifts a finger to help.

Who are the members of this cult that inflicts horrible pain on helpless animals? Who are these people who suffocate animals on a daily basis? Who are these people who place sharp pieces of metal in an animal’s mouth and then drag it long distances?

They are called fishermen.

Everyone gets all enraged when some cute little furry animals is mistreated, but if the animal has scales instead of fur, it apparently has no human friends.

Hooking a minnow in the back has to cause pain, as does dragging a bass with a hook in his mouth 100 feet to shore. And when a fish is removed from water, it is deprived of oxygen and suffocates.

I guess if you have no fur, you have no friends.

Food for thought.

Donnie Johnston: djohn40330@aol.com

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