Fredericksburg’s finance and public works departments are analyzing higher-than-normal water bills for the July and August 2019 billing cycle.

The city’s utility billing office has received more than 100 calls from residents complaining about their latest water bills, which they said were unusually high. The majority of the concerns have come from residents of the Idlewild neighborhood, said Robyn Shugart, the city’s director of finance.

Her staff completed a review this week of all residential bills in the Sept. 27 bill cycle, and confirmed that the new billing software calculated the bills correctly based upon the consumption information provided by meter readings. On-site “5-minute leak checks,” which include re-reading meters, were done for customers who requested it.

The updated meter readings were compared with the consumption from the prior cycle to identify if usage is consistent with their account history.

City staff are also analyzing accounts that appear to have higher-than-normal readings compared with historical usage for the same time period in previous years. For any account that is identified, the city is sending Public Works Department crews out to re-read meters and check for leaks. Additional information on the findings will be posted by Oct. 18.

The city plans to continue to check meters and review account usage histories for any concerned residents who contact utility billing at 540/372-1182.

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