Because of recent rains, Fredericksburg’s Public Works Department has had to reschedule to Nov. 19 the removal of the large oak tree in front of the Presbyterian Church.

The roughly 75-year-old tree at 300 George St. has been signaling that it was ailing for some time, according to Dave King, the department’s director. Both city and independent arborists have assessed the tree and agree that the internal decay at the root flare is significant enough that the tree needs to be removed.

Signs will be posted Nov. 17 and 18 that there will be no parking at the church on Nov. 19. Sunday services will not be affected.

Staff is planning to preserve some of the tree’s wood so it can be made into furniture and other mementos as a way to commemorate the many years this tree has served the city by providing shade, beauty, and cleaner air and water.

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—Cathy Jett

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