At the Tree of Life Christian Preparatory School in Fredericksburg, there were sightings of celebrities galore during the eighth annual Biography Tea Gala at the school last week.

Students in grades K–8 were asked to research an assigned historical figure and submit a biography about that person.

The most exciting part of the assignment for many students was the opportunity to dress up as their historical figure and be interviewed in character as they shared their figure’s life story with fellow students.

The school’s principal, Janet Armstrong, who dressed as radio show host and activist Bree Walker, conducted the interviews of each of the students as they portrayed historical figures.

The students shared information about the unique contributions each of the well-known figures made during their lifetimes.

Armstrong and teachers Rebecca Durichek (portraying former First Lady Laura Bush) and Ann Steimer (dressed as Corrie Ten Boom) have been introducing their students to these and other figures for the past eight years in a fun event that teaches not only history, but the obstacles these famous individuals overcame.

This year, students Justin Mendoza and Javier Hernandez “flew in” as Wilbur and Orville Wright. Jamison Haig dialed in as Alexander Graham Bell and Mickens Laurore dove into the life of explorer Jacques Cousteau. Students showed up as soccer player Pelé, astronaut Ellen Ochoa and many others.

After the life stories were shared, a photo booth helped document this “historic” evening for students.

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