For the 28th year, it's time to share a listing of brightly decorated houses hereabouts that I call "Grand Holiday Displays." 

Because the list is long, I'll get right to it: Merry Christmas to all, and below appear the houses that were nominated by you newspaper readers and met certain minimum standards.

So now you know the drill: Grab Aunt Edna, some ice-cold Yoo–hoo and pile into your ride to cruise out and see some of these holiday lights and displays.


  • 116 Washington St. (In Falmouth Bottom, below Belmont.) This annual delight includes Santas, reindeer and a host of other special sights on the porch, house and roof.
  • 153 Brickert St. (Follow Butler Road until it turns to White Oak Road. Just past Pro Trucks store, turn left onto Potomac, left onto Brickert.) Beautiful spiral light trees in all Christmas colors stand out in this display that decorates the yard, house and even a garage.
  • 14 Briarwood Drive (Take Ferry Road to Colebrook, a right on Briarwood.) One of the best around has a new elf, a four-piece train with toys, Olaf from “Frozen,” handmade cartoon characters, Nativity figures, angels and more. Use blinkers when stopping.
  • 23 Rubins Walk (From Colebrook, take Argyle Hills Drive to a left on Rubins Walk.) A 14-foot metal train and shooting stars are new in a display with Santa by the mailbox and lights synced with music.
  • 205 Lakeshore Drive (From Ferry Road, follow Hillcrest Terrace to Lakeshore.) Santa dangles from the gutter, with cheery snowmen, Christmas trees, stars, reindeer, Christmas dogs and more.
  • 86 Ferry Road (From White Oak, take Ferry. On the right.) Front and side yards are filled with lights and figures, from beautiful blow-ups to light figures, while Santa and his wife are still on the porch.
  • 583 White Oak Road (Beyond Ferry Road on White Oak.) Blue and white lights sync with music, there’s Christmas tree farm under a big, 20-foot mega tree and Darth Vader is back to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
  • 619 White Oak Road (Near last.) New this year is a dog’s toy shop and a dog house with a sign that says “Home Sweet Home.” Accepting donations for Bobbie's Pit Bull Rescue & Sanctuary.
  • 17 Belle Plains Road (Just off White Oak Road.) A 25-foot lighted tree is circled by lighted candy canes, a star, dancing arches and blow-ups, all synced to music. Owner recommends pulling into the driveway.
  • 508 Deacon Road (Across from Grafton Village Elementary.) Wow, this lights up the night with reindeer on the roof, angels, toy soldiers, a Nativity and so much more.
  • 418 Brooke Road (On Brooke, where it connects with Deacon.) Here’s a Christmas landing strip, with an airborne Snoopy, a helicopter and Minnie Mouse.
  • 441 Smith St. (From Deacon, take a left onto Brooke and a left onto Smith.) Tree and bushes are glowing, with figures between them and lights all over.
  • 806 Spring Valley Drive (From U.S. 1, take Spring Valley. House on left.) Serious Christmas lights cruisers will recognize many items here from an earlier incarnation at the home of Rochelle Gardner. Her daughter has them now: an army of Santas, snowmen, a reindeer stable and a North Pole sign.
  • 162 Enon Road (From U.S. 1, take Enon Road to display, on right.) A 28-foot tree of lights overlooks deer, penguins and a snowman that’s having a discussion with Rudolph. A beautiful display.
  • 96 Carriage Hill Drive (From U.S. 1, take Truslow Road to a left on Carriage Hill.) A Virginia-style “LOVE” sign joins inflatables in the yard and on the roof, with a dazzling array of lights.
  • 37 Hulls Chapel Road (From Enon Road, just before Hulls Memorial Baptist Church, take a right on Hulls Chapel.) A handmade, life-size Nativity scene joins other homemade figures in this nicely illuminated yearly favorite.
  • 612, 650, 668 and 682 Ramoth Church Road (From U.S. 1 north, take left onto State Route 628, which soon becomes Ramoth Church Road.) Cutouts join a sea of decorations and displays in these Cooper family yards that must make Santa smile.
  • 168 Hope Road (From U.S. 1, take Hope Road to display on right.) This annual treat includes a fire engine with Santa, a gingerbread boys’ seesaw and figures all over.
  • 21 Ballantrae Court (From Hope Road, take Summerwood to a right on Sunnybrooke, a right on Ballantrae.) A computer light show with 20 songs makes things merry at a spot that’s a collection spot for nonperishable food items to go to SERVE in Stafford.
  • 20 Parkwood Court (From Eustace Road and Northampton Boulevard, go north on Eustace to a right on Parkwood.) New polar bears and some new deer join the Grinch, countless blow-ups and a sign wishing you a “Merry Christmas.”
  • 20 Monument Drive (Take Courthouse Road past Colonial Forge High School to left on Monument.) Tunes are synchronized to more than 30,000 red, green and white lights in a tall tree, shooting stars, other trees and leaping arches that dance to Christmas tunes and Motown hits.
  • 271 Choptank Road (Heading west on Courthouse Road, take left onto Shelton Shop, right on Mountain View, right onto Choptank.) Animals, trees in the yard and lighting on the house, with lots of blue, make a delightful display at this house near Mountain View High.
  • 18 Wells Road (Head northeast on Choptank toward Alf Lane, turn left onto Wells.) There are abundant lights, a manger, a train, snowmen and more fun figures here.
  • 36 Riverton Drive (From Garrisonville Road, take Barrett Heights [next to post office] to a left onto Whitestone, left on Riverton, a court there.) An arch over the driveway and music synced with lights are just part of this display, with front and side yards full of figures and trees, with lights everywhere.
  • 16 Watermill Court (From Garrisonville Road, take Parkway Boulevard to lefts on Heatherbrook and Watermill.) Lights on the house, yard and bushes make the blow-ups seem bright, with some new figures added this year.
  • 5 Ella Court (From Garrisonville Road, take Parkway Boulevard to lefts on Water’s Landing and Ella.) It’s Charlie Brown and Rudolph here, with a Nativity scene, a rooftop sleigh and Santa looking out the window.
  • 68 Van Horn Lane (Continue from last house to Van Horn at Rock Hill Baptist Church.) A bright display with more than 200 cutouts and figures, a Nativity scene, a pond with skaters, Santa’s workshop and more. New: "Toy Story’s" Buzz, Woody, Ham, Slinky, Rex and Mr. Potato Head.
  • 3 Franklin St. (From Rock Hill Church Road, take Rosedale to lefts on Bryant and Franklin.) In between Nativity scenes are Santas, R2D2, Snoopy and some retro blow-mold figures.
  • 1039 Portugal Drive (Enter Aquia Harbour to a right on Aquia, a right onto Portugal.) A visual feast, with jumping dolphins, a toy soldier playing the drums, a saluting soldier, Santa playing basketball and so much more.
  • 5 Morningmist Drive (From U.S. 17 to Village Parkway, then take a right on Morningmist.) A tall light tree joins an amazing array of lights, and figures that range from Snoopy in a canoe to traditional Santa, set to music.
  • 28 Basalt Drive (From U.S. 17 to Village Parkway, then a left on Fieldcrest, a right on Basalt.) Some new LED animals rowing down a river join other figures in a display with every window, door and gutter aglow.
  • 20 Rocky Run Road (From U.S. 17, take Banks Ford Parkway to a right onto Greenbank to slight right onto Rocky Run.) A line of blow-ups in the front of the yard join Santa, reindeer and lights on the house and in the yard.
  • 36 Jacobs Lane (From U.S. 17, near Burton’s Automotive, take Jacobs Lane.) A bit of everything: a penguin pond, “JOY” on the roof, a field of reindeer, a Nativity, Santa and sleigh.


  • 6 Edison Court (From Bragg Road, take a right onto Waverly to a left on Edison.) Santa fishes and camps here, with a Nativity and St. Nick’s sleigh and a reindeer barn as well.
  • 720 Barkley Drive (From Bragg Road, take Waverly Drive to a left on Somerset to right on Barkley.) Lights in the yard and on the trees, bike-riding Santas, snowmen and a whole lot more, with projected fun.
  • 5710 Heritage Hills Circle (Off Bragg Road heading toward Central Park, take a left into subdivision, house on right.) A real dazzler, where a real-world shed becomes Santa’s toy shop, reindeer fill a forest, a train runs and the yard is full of figures, a large Nativity and pieces of Scripture
  • 12534 Chewning Lane (From State Route 3, take a right onto Chewning, just past Wawa; the house is about a mile on the right.) A “Ho Ho Ho!” sign, trees and bushes are aglow and figures fill the yard.
  • 12309 McClain St. (From Route 3, take Corter by Chancellor Elementary to a right on McClain.) Reindeer frolic with dinosaurs as nutcrackers look on. There’s a roof-top Nativity and a snowman swinging from a tree.
  • 7307 - 7314, both sides of the street. (From last house, head back to a right on Corter to Middleton.) Lights, figures, and a host of cheery figures make this a favorite stop.
  • 8211 Old Plank Road (On Old Plank Road, just west of Catharpin.) In perhaps the most unique Christmas display around, a row of vintage tractors are aglow, with Santa standing out front. Turn in to be safe.
  • 122 Winewood Drive (Take State Route 3, take Orange Plank Road to a left on Winewood.) The expanded yard is alive with light and figures, from trees to angels.
  • 11515 Wilderness Park Drive (From Plank Road, take Orange Plank Road to a right on Wilderness Park.) This display has cutouts galore: Santas in the yard, in a wagon, plus lighted trees and a “Moo-ry Christmas” sign.
  • 11717 Wilderness Park Drive (Continue past last house.) New this year in this brightly lit display is Santa in a fishing boat and St. Nick in a helicopter pulling a Merry Christmas blow-up, joining a train, snow globe and more.
  • 10327 Elys Ford Road (From State Route 3, take Elys Ford about 4 miles to house, on right.) Festive blow molds of so many characters, from Santas to snowmen, join a Nativity, soldiers and a holiday sign from the owners.
  • 905 Stonewall Lane (From Plank Road, take Old Plank Road to a left on Stonewall.) A sleigh and cat that light up join toy soldiers, candy canes and much more.
  • 11808 Cherry Road (From Route 3 near Old Plank Road, take Cherry a short way to house on right.) Lots to see here: lights, deer, penguins, snowmen, angels, a Nativity and Snoopy on his house.
  • 7524 Sterling Drive (From Old Plank Road, take Ashleigh Park Boulevard to a left on Sterling.) Blow-ups, lights on the house, Santa, a teddy bear, wreaths and a light tree give this a sweet holiday feel.
  • 5060 Macnamara Drive (From Plank Road, take Kilarney and then a left on Macnamara.) A brilliant synced light show, with snowflakes on the roof and a large tree.
  • 7314 Beechplum Road (From last house, rights on Harrison, Gordon, Chancellor, Harvestdale and Beechplum.) A new Nativity joins an array of lights, elves and displays in the yard and on the roof.
  • 11316 Enchanted Woods Way (Back out to lefts on Chancellor, Meadow Wood Avenue, Enchanted Woods.) There are new songs in the music that’s synced to lights here, with St. Nick on the porch and more.
  • 11222 Piedmont Landing Drive (From Harrison Road, take Piedmont to a left on Piedmont Landing.) Fun blow-ups join red and white lights, Santa on the porch and other fun figures in this great display.
  • 6713 Plantation Forest Drive (From Courthouse Road, take Plantation Forest Drive, about a mile.) A 12-foot Santa, an inflatable race car, a Ferris wheel and other jolly sights make this holiday display.
  • 12020 Kingswood Blvd. (From Harrison Road, come in Kingswood.) A station wagon carrying a tree, a roof-top Santa, and the house and yard aglow with light.
  • 4809 Harvest Glen Court (From last house, on to Harvest Court.) Wise Men, deer, wreaths, snowmen and more combine with lights on the house, windows and trees, with “Merry Christmas” written on the roof.
  • 11116 Huntington Meadows Lane (From Leavells Road, take Loriella Park Drive to a right on Ascot Circle to a right on Huntington Meadows.) Every surface of the house has lights and lighted figures, with lighted figures filling and ringing the yard.
  • 304 Gallimore Drive (From Leavells Road, take Galaxie and a left on Gallimore.) A big light tree, soldiers in the yard, “For Our Troops” and more shine here.
  • 8002 Sourwood Court (From State Route 208, take Cloverhill Road to a right on Sourwood.) This extensive display has synced music, lights and decorations in the yard, with candy canes, Santa’s workshop and more.
  • 303 Patterson Ave. (From Leavells, take Pleasants Drive to a left on Patterson.) Jabba the Hut and a snow cone truck join this house decked out all over. It’s heavy on “Star Wars” figures with lights and Santa on the roof.
  • 5221 Windbreak Drive (From Spotsylvania Parkway, take Whiteheart Drive to a right on Windbreak.) A decorating family in a new house. Decorations include a 30-foot Christmas Tree and countless Christmas characters.
  • 3913 N. Andover Lane (From Mills Drive, take Massaponax Church Road to right on Hickory Hill, left on North Andover.) New blow-ups and a Nativity join handmade decorations, candy canes, gingerbread kids and more.
  • 4519 Rebecca Road (From State Route 2, take Gerber Drive to Rebecca Road.) A new camper and gingerbread man join Santa trains, candy canes, reindeer, penguins and more in this bright yard.


  • 16393 Bath Road (From Interstate 95 South, a left on Ladysmith Road to a left on Bath.) Wow, pull into this driveway and through lighted arches to see a jillion blow-ups, decorations and lights. Make use of a driveway loop.


  • 106 Springwood Drive (Off Lafayette Boulevard, near Twin Lakes Drive in Alum Springs Estates.) A large card, a host of cutouts and lights make this a happy sight.
  • 113 Springwood Drive (Just past other house, on right.) Giant reindeer, Santa in his sleigh and a life-sized Nativity highlight this nice display.
  • 3710 Lafayette Boulevard (Past Paul’s.) Lights in trees, Homer Simpson, blow-outs and more make this fun.
  • 197 Stonewall Drive (From U.S. 1, take Confederate, right on Stonewall.) The Paul’s Bakery display moves back to the spot where it started and what a delight. Homemade light figures range from young singing angels to a Santa choo-choo train to the Nativity, and all in between.
  • 209 Laurel Ave. (Near Spotswood Baptist Church on Lafayette Boulevard, take Laurel to house on left.) Some three dozen Christmas inflatables join Santas that move with lights filling the yard.
  • 1400 Brigadier Drive (From U.S. 1, take Idlewild Boulevard to a left on Farrish Drive, which runs into Brigadier.) Snowflakes are on a roof, icicles dangle, trees are wrapped in lights and deer drink from a pond of blue light in this dazzling and creative display. Santa and Buddy the elf will be around Christmas Eve 8–9 p.m.
  • 1104 Wright Court (Take Idlewild Boulevard past previous house to a left on Saunders Drive, and a right on Wright.) This cheery display has two 12-foot light trees, arches, reindeer and lights dancing to Christmas songs.
  • 1208, 1209, 2010 Century Oak Drive (From Plank Road just before Gateway Village shopping center, take a right onto Mahone to a right on Hays.) Coursing lighted arches now link three yards that are filled with a Christmas squadron of planes, helicopters and so, so much more.
  • 1010 Cadmus Drive (From Cowan Boulevard, take Snowden Hills Boulevard to a right on Cadmus.) Lighted deer, snow globes and trees shine in this bright and festive display.


  • 1026 French Court (From State Route 3, take Fletcher’s Chapel Road 2 miles to a left on Oakland, then left on French Court.) A Merry Christmas arch sets off a display that runs down a hillside with Santa, lights and an abundance of figures.
  • 5136 Spinnaker Lane (From Route 3, take Port Conway Road to a right on Hopyard Drive, a right on Weems and a left on Spinnaker.) This display where lights on the house, figures and trees in the yard and so much more are synced with songs is a true gem to enjoy over and over again.  
  • 6323 Igo Road (From State Route 3, take Comorn Road to veer left on Igo Road.) An array of bright lights, a Nativity scene, blowups and more make this special.
  • 6286 Dawes Drive (Past earlier house on Igo to a right on Wheeler Drive and a left on Dawes.) Lights on the house and trees are cheery with a snowman and lollipops providing more.
  • 9322 Hickory Lane (From Route 3, take a left on Indiantown Road, a right onto Hickory.) One of the most beautifully lighted natural trees around, with lights on the house as well.
  • 5423 Potomac Drive (From U.S. 301, take Dahlgren Road into Dahlgren and a right onto Potomac.) A few new snowmen and bears join Santa and Mrs. Claus join ornaments, Santa’s workshop, a Nativity and more.
  • 4385 Navigator Lane (From U.S. 301, take Route 614 past Sheetz, a left onto Village, a right onto Navigator.) Wow, front and side yards have all manner of blow-ups and light figures, many dancing to music.

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