A Stafford County man who stabbed his younger brother to death last year during an argument over a cellphone charger was ordered Tuesday to serve seven years in prison.

Miequan T.V. Curmon, 20, killed 18-year-old Latonio Curmon with a single stab to the chest Aug. 1 during a physical and verbal altercation at their home on Clint Lane in southern Stafford. 

Miequan Curmon pleaded guilty to second-degree murder earlier this year. He was sentenced in Stafford Circuit Court on Tuesday to a total of 19 years in prison, with 12 years suspended.

Prosecutors and defense attorney Tim Barbrow had previously worked out a deal in which Curmon was to serve between five and 17 years in prison. Judge Michael Levy's sentence was near the lower end of that agreed-upon disposition and well below the recommended state sentencing guidelines, which called for a minimum active sentence of 13 years to serve.

Levy acknowledged that he gave great weight to the testimony of LaQuana Curmon, the mother of the brothers. She pleaded for mercy for her surviving son and said the brothers were close prior to the tragic incident last year.

The judge also saw a letter written by Miequan Curmon in which he said he was devastated by his brother's death and the pain he'd caused his family.

According to evidence presented previously, the brothers began pushing, shoving and biting each other during the phone charger dispute. Miequan Curmon grabbed a knife after the mother told the brothers to take the dispute outside.

The brothers' stepfather was between them at the top of some stairs when the older brother poked the victim with the knife. Latonio Curmon was lying in a pool of blood when rescue workers arrived a short time later and died at the scene.

Miequan Curmon was apprehended later that evening following a search that including drones and dogs. After asking if his brother was dead, he told police he'd let his anger get the best of him.

Barbrow argued that the case was more like manslaughter than murder. He said it happened quickly in the heat of passion and that his client never meant to kill his brother.

"It was a tragic, tragic incident," Barbrow said. "It's inexplicable how it reached the level that it did. When you're in the heat of passion, you're not thinking right."

Miequan Curmon has been in jail since his arrest on the night of the slaying.

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