Stafford schools superintendent says he is not resigning after all


Stafford County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Kizner announced Tuesday afternoon that he is rescinding his resignation, which he gave the School Board two weeks ago.

Kizner made the announcement in an email to School Board members and school division staff.

“Since I announced my resignation effective January 1, 2021, I have talked to individual school board members and communicated with many staff and parents,” the email states. “I have been emotionally moved by the comments I heard about the positive impact my leadership has had on students and staff.

“In addition, I heard from many in our community that Stafford County Public Schools needs continuity of division leadership to benefit all students. Furthermore, they believe I am the one who people were counting on. I have given it a lot of reflection and I feel that whatever I was going to do in my next chapter in life can wait.”

Since Kizner announced his resignation at the end of January, a petition requesting that he stay at least until the end of the 2020–21 school year has garnered 866 signatures.

Kizner’s contract with the School Board ends June 20, 2022.

At Tuesday evening’s School Board meeting, Pamela Yeung, Garrisonville District representative, said she is glad Kizner is staying.

“I think it’s very, very important to show that we have good leadership and we respect the leadership we have,” she said. “I feel [Kizner] has done a lot for our schools and I feel that there is no sense in shaking things up.”

During citizen comments, George Schlegel, a Stafford County bus driver, said students on his bus told him they want Kizner to stay.

“One boy told me, ‘I really liked Dr. Kizner because he’s here for us—he’s not here for anything else,’ ” Schlegel said. “He’s not here for anything else. These students love this man. It’s not just the [Stafford Education Association] that loves him. It is the students of Stafford County. We need to do everything we can to keep Dr. Kizner for his full term and possibly beyond.”

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