Deirdre Pethokoukis

COLONIAL FORGE: Deirdre Pethokoukis

FAMILY: Mother Colette Moran, father James Pethokoukis and siblings Julia, Cassiel, Kiaran, Anya, Jane and Christos

GPA: 4.88

FUTURE PLANS: Attend Northwestern University to study economics

MOST INFLUENTIAL TEACHER AND WHY? My most influential teacher has been Mrs. Fleming, my economics teacher for the past 2 years. Not only has she introduced me to economics and led me to my future career, she has provided support for all my future endeavors, through words of encouragement and taking her time to help me with questions I may have.

HOW WILL I MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE? Through my economics career I hope to help solve the economic problems for the developing world, such as poverty and, in my personal life, volunteer and help raise the next generation of leaders through mentorship, etc.

FAVORITE THING TO DO IN MY FREE TIME: Watch the Cubs with family.

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