Usually, Target stores are where people go to buy decorations for birthday parties. 

For Stafford boy Finn Blumenthal, it will be where he goes for the birthday party itself. 

The Target store off U.S. 17 in Stafford will host a party in March for Finn, who turned 4 on Wednesday.

And on Wednesday, employees of the store gathered by the front doors for a special team meeting—which consisted of singing "Happy Birthday" to Finn and presenting him with balloons and a gift bag full of Target swag. 

"They have been so incredibly sweet throughout his entire journey and now giving him a birthday party in their store? Magical!" Finn's mom, Kelly Blumenthal, said. 

Finn was born with multiple congenital heart defects and the initial diagnosis was that he would only live for a few months. He underwent open heart surgery at only a few months old. A second open heart surgery was performed successfully in September 2017, hopefully setting his heart up to function to adulthood. 

Finn's brother Mason is only one year older than him and the two have always been close. Before Blumenthal took Finn to Philadelphia for his 2017 surgery, she left notes from Finn for Mason to find at all the places he regularly went—his school, the post office, the barber shop, the grocery store and the U.S. 17 Target. 

Since then, Blumenthal said, the boys have felt a special connection to the store. And when she asked Finn where he wanted to go for his birthday, his answer was Target.

"So I went into that Target and asked them if they had any Target-like decorations and they said, 'No, but let us give you a special experience!,'" Blumenthal said. 

In addition to presenting Finn with the balloons and gifts, the store allowed photographer Stephanie Tignor to shoot birthday photos in the aisles and offered to host a party for the boy this spring. 

"A birthday party at Target! Who gets to do that?" Blumenthal said. 

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