The Virginia Department of Health

Demographics of Virginia's confirmed cases as of March 26, provided by the Virginia Department of Health for the first time.

The Virginia Department of Health released the demographics of the state’s 460 confirmed cases for the first time Thursday. It doesn’t yet include the same information for deaths and hospitalizations.

The chart provided by the health department breaks up these cases by age, sex and race.

Age groups 50-59 and 60-69 each make up 18.3% of confirmed cases, or 84 cases in both age group. That's followed closely by individuals aged 20-29 with nearly 16%, or 73 cases.

Age group 40-49 follows with 69 cases, then ages 30-39 with 67 cases.

There are 50 known cases of individuals aged 70-79; 22 cases for people aged 80 and over; 7 cases within the 10-19 age group; and 4 cases for kids 0-9 years old.

Women make up 211, or 45.9%, of cases while men are slightly higher at 242, or 52.6%. The sex for seven of the 460 individuals was not reported.

As for race, 280 cases did not have race reported, while 121 cases, or 26.3%, are white, 32 are Black and 27 cases are classified as other.

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