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Gov. Ralph Northam spoke Friday in Richmond during a news conference on the coronavirus.

The Virginia Department of Health reported Saturday that the state has surpassed 1,000 deaths from the coronavirus, with 968 confirmed and 34 considered probable, for a total of 1,002.

One week ago, that number was at 827, meaning the deaths this week account for 175, or 17.5 percent of the overall number and marks the second deadliest week in Virginia. The first was last week, which saw 275 deaths, which at the time was 33.3 percent of the death count.

Total hospitalizations reached 3,724, with 3,697 confirmed and 27 probable coronavirus-related hospitalizations. Figures from the Virginia Hospital & Healthcare Association show that 1,505 coronavirus patients are in the hospital as of Saturday, slightly lower than one week ago. Ventilator use in the state is at 21 percent and there are more than 4,400 available beds.

The VDH also reported a consecutive two-day decline in the rolling weekly average of the percent of tests that come back positive. On Thursday, the figure dropped from 15.8 to 15.5 percent after remaining steady at 15.8 percent for two days. By Friday at 5 p.m., that number went from 15.5 percent to 15.1 percent, meaning as testing increases, less people are testing positive, albeit by a small percentage. A week ago, 17 percent of tests were positive.

As of 5 p.m. Friday, there have been 29,683 coronavirus cases since the start of the state’s outbreak, an increase of 1,011 cases from Thursday. The VDH numbers operate on a 19-hour delay.

Of those cases, 28,233 are confirmed and 1,450 are probable, meaning those individuals haven’t had a positive test but are symptomatic with known exposure to the virus. In the last seven days, there have been 6,487 cases, or almost 22 percent of the total count.

Starting Friday, the health department began reporting separate numbers for coronavirus tests and antibody tests, which record a person’s potential for immunity. People tested for the coronavirus reached 184,118 Saturday. With antibody testing added, that number rises to 204,249. VDH reported 7,394 coronavirus tests on Wednesday—2,606 away from the governor’s stated goal of 10,000 a day. That number dropped to 2,077 on Friday, the first day of Virginia’s re-opening, although the figures are sometimes adjusted upward a few days later. On Thursday, it was 6,588.

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