Alex McNabb

Former Patrick County EMT Alex McNabb has been fired by the JEB Stuart Rescue Board after an investigation into his comments on a neo-Nazi podcast.

STUART — An emergency medical technician in Southwest Virginia who was suspended after The Huffington Post reported he was a frequent co-host of a neo-Nazi podcast has now been fired.

JEB Stuart Rescue Squad's board of directors voted Sunday to fire 35-year-old Alex McNabb, news outlets reported. The Huffington Post's Dec. 8 report said McNabb told stories about being an EMT on "The Daily Shoah," often referring to patients by racist slurs.

The Virginia Department of Health said last month that it hadn't found evidence that McNabb discriminated in providing care. But board attorney Wren Williams said it was "in the best interest" of the Patrick County rescue squad to terminate McNabb's part-time employment.

McNabb has previously said his remarks were constitutionally protected satire and asserted that he was professional while on duty. Co-workers said they hadn't received discrimination complaints.

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