John McGuire Chinn died September 9th at Tappahannock Regional Hospital. He was preceded in death by his parents, James Thomas Chinn, Sr. and Martha Elizabeth McCalley Chinn, his brother Ralph McCalley Chinn, and two nieces. He is survived by his brother James Thomas Chinn, Jr., sister Janet Noonan Chinn LeCouteur, his wife, Harriet White Gwathmey Chinn and numerous nieces, nephews, great-nieces and nephews and one great-great-nephew. John was born Aug. 31, 1937 and attended Stafford High School and graduated from William and Mary College. Professionally he was a real estate appraiser. Locally known as Johnny Mac, he was born and raised in the White Oak area of Stafford County, Virginia. As a child, he preferred being outside. He walked every inch of the land, observing and talking to those people he saw. He had an inquisitive nature and retentive mind. He loved sharing the history and stories to the children of today. His passion throughout life was nature and growing things of all kinds beyond a vegetable garden. John was a proud member of the Patowomeck Indian Tribe. His Indian name CweLi MaYis (Many Paths) exemplified his life. His proudest accomplishment was teaching tribal children the Algonquin language and the history of White Oak, hoping it would be carried on to future generations. He was writer of music, songs and poetry. In his words from Last Day on Earth:"I looked at the world of the Creator, KeitChi MaNiTo, the Great Hare envisioned by the Patawomeck Indians of CeNaKoMaKa (Virginia) and decided it would be this kind of day. The end of Summer. A Summer that begins like all Summers. Ushered by Spring. Just off a Winter rest. Now mellowing to the success of all. Rest. New beginnings. Growth. Maturity. Back to rest. The Circle of Life." John requested that his body be cremated and that there be no service. Any contributions should be made to the Patawomeck Tribe of Virginia,1416 Brent Street, Fredericksburg, VA.22401 Earmarked Language Classes.