The beautiful soul of Mary Kaye Rizik ascended into the light to be with the angels on Sunday, November 17, 2019. She passed after her hard and brave fight with AML cancer. She was kind, loving and served on this earth as a beacon of light. Mary Kaye took into her heart and home those in their time of need, humans and animals alike. Mary Kaye was a loving mother and was considered a second mom to many. Among many things, she mostly enjoyed spending time with family. She loved celebrating birthdays, holidays, events and going on vacations to make memories with the ones she held dear. She loved singing songs with her grandbabies, whom she showered with love, and reading. Sometimes she would read for entertainment, but often to fulfill her constant search for knowledge in subjects that held her interest. Mary Kaye had an intuition about her that allowed her to connect and reflect on situations and the emotions faced by another; while providing us all the compassion and friendship required to overcome difficult times. She was always forgiving and forever projecting love to everyone. Her smile, that once brightened our days, will now brighten our hearts and souls in the memories we have shared. Mary Kaye is reunited with her children Rasmiah and Isaac. She is survived by her loving husband and soulmate Jacob. Her children Nathan, Nadia, Zach, and Sarah. Also survived by her beloved grandbabies Matthew, Kalayla, Elijah, Elianah, Aryah, Ramzi, Henk, Zahra, Aidan, Trinity, Wesley, Bradley, and Paxton. All for whom she will now provide love and light from heaven. Mary Kaye's celebration of life will be held on December 7th, location is to be announced.