I HAD a friend in high school who always seemed to have his foot in trouble’s door.

But every time he got caught, he was able to somehow slither out of any serious consequences resulting from his actions.

Now this guy never did anything really bad; he just used poor judgment and pushed the envelope as far as it would go.

No, his name was not Donald Trump, but our illustrious president reminds me of my high school friend.

After almost three years, the Democrats finally have started impeachment proceedings against Trump, something many in the party have been trying to do since the day he set foot in the White House.

Impeach Donald Trump? You might as well try to impeach the wind or a bolt of lightning. This guy is too slick to get caught in any political trap.

But even if the House of Representatives should bring him to trial, there is no way a Republican-controlled Senate is going to convict him and toss one of their own out of office.

Oh, I’m sure there are GOP senators who would love to see Trump go, but they wouldn’t dare go against the party. In these politically divided times, most politicians would vote in favor of the devil himself if Lucifer claimed to be a member of their party.

The irony is that Trump is not really a Republican. The man represents no party nor does he represent the people. He represents himself. He is the one and only member of the Donald Trump Party.

Trump merely used the Republican Party as a vehicle to get elected. If circumstances had been different, he would have used the Democratic Party to achieve his goal.

But he knew Hillary Clinton had the Democratic nomination sewn up, so he turned to the Republicans.

Yes, this lone member of the Trump Party used the Republicans and the party, which is used to being used, allowed him to do it. So now the GOP is stuck with a Republican president who is really not a Republican and they will defend him to the end—because he claims to be a Republican.

Like my friend in high school, Trump has a way of slithering out of any legal or ethical problems intact. This Houdini president not only slips out of the handcuffs, but manages to slip them onto other wrists during his escape acts.

Ask Paul Manafort, his former campaign manager, or Michael Cohen, Trump’s former attorney. Both wound up in jail.

In fact, there were 34 indictments that resulted from special prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s Russia connections. Being associated with Donald Trump is living life on the legal edge.

Rudy Guiliani, Trump’s present attorney, may soon find that out. The former mayor of New York, who gained national prominence in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks laughed while talking about being served with House subpoenas this week. Like Manafort and Cohen, he may not be laughing when this investigation is over.

With Donald Trump, impeachment efforts are a joke. He has been in tight spots before and survived unscathed. And if he is guilty of any “high crimes and misdemeanors,” you can be sure someone else will take the fall.

As I have said before, the Democrats have been so busy trying to impeach Trump they have failed to groom a candidate to beat him in 2020. If he is not impeached, he will win again.

In fact, if he is impeached and thrown out of office, he could still get the 2020 GOP nomination.

And if he runs, he’ll probably be elected. Then the Democrats can start impeachment proceedings all over again.

Even when he seems to be a loser, Donald Trump always seems to eventually emerge as a winner.

Donnie Johnston:


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