Former Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer contacted The Free Lance–Star concerning an Aug. 10 letter to the editor from a reader in Spotsylvania County. In that letter, the writer expressed his view that the story surrounding the Unite the Right protests of Aug. 11 and 12, 2017, should be revisited, and the blame for the tragic events of those days be refocused. The writer espouses the theory that the mayor conspired with the former vice-mayor to let the two sides fight when protests erupted.

The mayor correctly points out that those who studied the events of those days reported no basis for this conspiracy theory. The outside consultant who reviewed those events found no evidence that anyone encouraged law enforcement to stand down.

The Free Lance–Star does not endorse the letter-writer’s viewpoint, and specifically does not endorse the idea that Mayor Signer conspired with anyone to encourage or permit the chaos that erupted in those days. In respecting the broad array of viewpoints submitted in letters to the editor, this newspaper must sometimes give voice to positions that we do not embrace, and we trust that our readers understand that.

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