A plan for dealing with robocalls

I am sure everyone is as frustrated as I am about robocalls. I am bombarded with these calls almost every day, and sometimes several times a day.

The FCC says they are doing everything they can to stop these intrusions. However, they obviously haven’t been able to stop or limit them.

I have a proposal: Just as you can now dial * plus number to see the last call received, it would appear to me easy to allow users to enter * plus pick-a-number-combo that would tell the phone company to permanently block the last number received on your phone.

It would be terrific if the telecoms could completely block this number from any further calls to anyone.

This would force the scammers to constantly get new numbers, but it would also allow the telecoms to track who is constantly asking for new numbers. The telecoms could automate this function, thereby costing them almost nothing.

Bob Buchanan


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